What tools do I use as Mulesoft developer

I always wondering whenever I'm developing a new application if the tools I'm using are the best ones or if theres more options that can make my life easier. On this post I want to share with you the software I use the most when I'm building applications using Mulesoft.

Anypoint Studio.

This is an easy one, every single Mulesoft developer uses it to do almost all here, we are able to build an API definition and deploy it into Exchange, or we are able to define a complete project structure for a sync job. Anypoint Studio allow us to use the complete set of connectors to create any type of integration.

You can download Studio from this link

IntelliJ IDEA

If I need to develop a new connector for Mule4, intelliJ for me is the best tool, I would be able to import the connector tree generated from the archetype, and then just generating some testing resources it's easy to have a connector working. One think I love about this IDE is the embedded terminal because I can run any command in the project.

You can download the IDE from here.  You can choose from Community version that is free or Ultimate that has a cost for a few more features.

Visual Studio Code

Lately I'm falling in love this is editor, it has a bunch of extension that you can install from the community market place.  These are the extensions I use the most:

Remote SSH. This extension is my favorite, I'm able to connect to any linux host and able to see the logs I care about, because VS Code has the terminal embedded I can tail the logs to see realtime updates on them for me is super useful.

Docker. If you are into creating containers then this extension allows you to ident your files as well as manage the services,

Salesforce Extension Pack. If I'm working with Salesforce projects, this package allows me to pull Salesforce metadata, make modification to classes and Triggers. One think I like a lot is that we are able to use DX commands allowing you to create scratch orgs and open Salesforce in one clic.


Atom is a very powerful editor too. To be honest I only use it for one main thing and is RAML definitions when I don't want to use Design Center or I want to be brave enough to define the whole structure by myself. For this I installed the API Workbench extension.


DBeaver is a database manager, I love this one because is supper easy to get connected to a bunch of providers like Mysql, Azure, Postgres, SQL Server etc.

One nice thing about this application is that you also can see the Database graphical definition, so you can include it in a diagram if you are documenting a project.


If you are connecting to SOAP web services SOAP UI will help you a lot, you are able to see the WSDL operations and give you a quick template you can use to consume the services. also it handles multiple authentication methods. Mostly I use it to test and verify the requests and responses.


This is a very popular client to make HTTP requests to multiple services, it has become one of the most used tools for developers since we are able to import CURL commands directly, save our collections and share them with out team. Also one cool feature is to be able to query GraphQL API's.


If you want to manage your queues, you can do it using this client, it runs over java and allows to see the messages in your queues. You can give it a try downloading it from here

For Notes

  • Evernote. I use this the most even the free version only allows you to sync with two devices.
  • Notion. I love this one, since markup is the way to go for blogs and notes this it's really great to keep small notes or ideas. i know have a lot of potential, the only thing I don't like much is that only works online. (No Offline mode)

To Do's

  • Tick Tick. This is a great to-d0 application, it allows me to see all my tasks and events, make notes over every single one and set due dates.

I'm pretty sure there's more applications / tools out there, i will post more whenever I have the chance to test them.

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